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Our Farm


About Us

We are located in a small Alberta farming community located in the Saddle Hills County, called Fourth Creek. My husband, Shaun, our sons, Kaz and Zak, and I raise a mostly Kiko trip and help operate a grain farm with my family. We have been raising goats since 2015. Our goal is to become leaders for the goat and Kiko industry in Western Canada.

I currently sit as the President of the Alberta Goat Association and a director of the Canadian National Goat Federation. I grew up on our family farm that was a mix of beef and grain. I've had five years experience in working grain marketing and agronomy while working at Cargill. Shaun is a welder and contracts out to the oilfield and farmers. 

We hold our goats to the highest standards.  We practice “closed herd” and strict biosecurity measures. Our herd is tested annually for CAE, Johnes and CL. We make sure that our animals are well looked after, cared for and have a hard-culling program. Our kidding rate has been 2.4 kids per doe. Shaun and I are proud Kiko goat producers.

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